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Potencia Crítica

Protección de líneas de alimentación y transferencia de fuentes de potencia para aplicaciones criticas.

ZTG Series – Service Entranced Rated

The Zenith ZTGSE and ZTGDSE Service Entrance Rated automatic transfer switches integrate a utility main disconnect, optional surge protective device (SPD) and power monitoring into one compact coordinated package.

The ZTGSE series provides greater protection to critical loads against utility power outages and transient voltage disturbances. This delivers more peace of mind to facility managers and business owners in a wide range of industries such as water/wastewater reclamation, retail, agricultural, light manufacturing, wireless communications and other service businesses.

ZTGSE switches are equipped with GE’s MX150 microprocessor panel, which controls the operation and indicates the status of the transfer switch’s position and available sources. As an embedded digital controller, the MX150 utilizes an easy to read LCD display with statistical event recording and basic metering as standard features.



  • ZTGSE – Standard (Open) Transition Service Entrance Rated
    The Zenith ZTGSE transfer switch is used in general and mixed load applications where an integrated service entrance breaker is required.
  • ZTGDSE – Delayed Transition Service Entrance Rated
    The Zenith ZTGDSE transfer switch is used to transfer of large motor loads, transformers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) systems where an integrated service entrance breaker is required.
  • Double throw, mechanically interlocked contactor mechanism.
  • Electrically operated, mechanically held.
  • Additional options include battery charger, GFP, shunt trip selector, power monitor and SPD surge protection.
  • Meets NEC requirements for use as Service Entrance Equipment.
  • Fully Approved for UL891, UL1008, UL 1449 (with SPD feature).
  • Ratings 40 to 3000 amps (2, 3 or 4 poles).
  • Designed for emergency and standby applications.
  • 120 to 600 VAC
  • 50 or 60 Hz
  • NEMA 1 and 3R enclosures
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