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Monitoreo de Condición y Protección

Soluciones de Bently Nevada para el monitoreo de condición y protección de equipos rotativos

Bently Nevada Enterprise Impact Condition Monitoring

GE’s Enterprise Impact is the next step in proactive machinery monitoring software for the Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring software suite. It combines the deep heritage that GE’s Bently Nevada Condition Monitoring has as a proven, and trusted solution, with GE Oil & Gas’ mission to be the leading digital industrial company. For over 50 years, Bently Nevada has been innovators and leaders for machine condition monitoring solutions. And now, they are taking that deep machinery expertise and combining it with leading software and digital solutions to bring industry along the reactive to proactive journey.

• 50+ years condition monitoring experience
• 300+ certified field & diagnostic engineers
• 15,000+ software licenses & portables in use
• 300,000+ protection and condition monitors installed
• 4M+ sensor monitoring points

Enterprise Impact adds multiple, innovative capabilities to your condition monitoring program, such as:

  • Connecting key data sources including System 1, SmartSignal, and Meridium to GE’s Asset Performance Management (APM) offering,
  • Prioritizing machinery health status and early warnings to help mitigate risk and reduce the time to manage maintenance schedules,
  • Analyzing multiple types of data in real-time to provide the best viewpoint and most complete analytics to quickly make informed decisions, and
  • Creating a flexible, secure, and scalable architecture.

Enterprise Impact includes a web-based enterprise view providing a single, secure access point for monitoring machinery health. Unlike disconnected point solutions and single mode monitoring, Enterprise Impact provides holistic and proactive health information for the entire enterprise. It is designed for simple interaction with complex data sets and is easy to navigate using an intuitive hierarchy with the ability to move quickly to and from a fleet, a site, an equipment train, or machine. In addition, Enterprise Impact includes a module that extends the capabilities of Reliability Management to combine high speed, dynamic waveform data along with time series data into the analytics set.

 Enterprise Impact Overview Fact Sheet

Connect Key Data Sources

Designed for simple interaction with complex data sets, Enterprise Impact makes navigation between fleets, sites, equipment trains, and machines easier than ever before.

  • Combines multiple System 1 enterprise installs for a unified Predix* environment
  • Integrates high-speed protection data with process historian data
  • Navigates between overview, alarms, analysis, and custom views
  • Displays broad machinery views, sorted by condition to quickly find problem areas

Easy Condition Prioritization

Diagnostics sorted by health status and early warnings help mitigate risk and reduce the time needed to determine maintenance schedules.

  • Efficiently prioritizes problems across your entire enterprise
  • Detects a broad range of potential failure modes across all assets
  • Filters alarms, events, and apparent causes for faster action

Powerful Comparative Analysis

Enterprise Impact reconciles multiple types of data in real time to provide the best viewpoint and most complete analytics, so you can quickly make informed decisions.

  • Bridges the gap between dynamic waveform data and process trend analyses with native System 1 and SmartSignal connectivity
  • Enables a more effective use of GE’s Bently Nevada solutions
  • Detects and identifies abnormal behavior through data and predicted behavior
  • Enriches thermodynamic and machinery evaluations through powerful calculation, derivation, and extraction capabilities
  • Provides contextual and empirical analytics with embedded SmartSignal technology
  • Prioritizes complex conditions for further investigation
  • Conducts multi-stage analytics, tailored for specific applications and unique needs

Flexible and Secure Architecture

Built with security, usability, and scalability in mind, Enterprise Impact is easy to understand and implement—without overcomplicating your architecture.

  • Combines multiple System 1 and SmartSignal installs (legacy and new) into a unified Predix* environment
  • Includes Predix* Machine and Field Agent Capability
  • Easily configures to run on Customer Network, GE Cloud, or both
  • Adapts to best suit different roles and organizations
  • Addresses IT concerns with AMQPS protocols and read-only proxy connections
  • Pairs cyber-secure mining of machinery protection data with process trending
  • Facilitates remote services for topical oversight and quick response
  • Communicates back to one single server

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