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Monitoreo de Condición y Protección de Vibraciones

Soluciones para el monitoreo de condición y protección de equipos rotativos

Bently Nevada 350300 Dynamic Pressure Sensor

The Hydro Dynamic Pressure Sensor System consists of the 350300 Hydro Dynamic Pressure Transducer which uses piezoresistive sensing technology and the 146824 interconnect cable. It is intended for measuring both static and dynamic pressure in fluid machines such as hydro turbines or centrifugal pumps. For Hydro Turbine applications this measurement can help our customers monitor hydraulic phenomena such as Rough Load Zone, vortexing, and cavitation in the draft tube and head cover area, as well as pulsations in the penstock.  For centrifugal pump applications, this measurement can help customers with monitoring cavitation and other flow instabilities that are potentially detrimental to machinery and operations.

 350300 Datasheet

This sensor is an integral part of a Hydro Turbine or Centrifugal Pump Condition Monitoring and Asset Management System and, when utilized with our 3500/46M Hydro Monitor and System 1* condition monitoring and diagnostics software, static trending and specialized dynamic plots are available for diagnostics. The Dynamic Pressure Transducer has a robust design for high reliability in plant environments and is designed for 50 million cycles.