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Monitoreo de Condición y Protección de Vibraciones

Soluciones para el monitoreo de condición y protección de equipos rotativos

Bently Nevada 1900 Series Machinery Asset Protection Systems

GE’s 1900 Series self-contained monitors are designed to address essential and balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment assets that require continuous machinery protection but do not warrant the cost of larger, more sophisticated rack-based monitoring systems like the 3500 Series. 1900 monitors provide a simple and cost-effective way to apply machinery protection on selected machines or points and are designed to operate as stand-alone units, or in conjunction with our Trendmaster® Pro on-line condition monitoring system.

  • Designed as a stand-alone, multi-channel monitoring system targeting essential and balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment
  • Compact size
  • Multi-function ability
  • Trip multiply functionality to reduce unwanted machine trips
  • Easily-configurable and flexible dynamic channels for speed or position of vibration
  • Cost-effective product and installation (via 232 or 485 connectors)
  • Simple to apply on selected machines or points
  • Added support for RTD type temperature sensors